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Mairie de Chamalières

Ville de référence et d'innovation

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Patrimoine naturel - EN


Visitors to Chamalières may relax in the serenity of the green lungs in the heart of the city: Montjoly Park(2 000 m²), the Bargoin Park (8 000 m², chemin de Beaumont, the Champréal Square (3 200 m², boulevard Gambetta), the Bergson Square (2 400 m², rue Bergson) and l’espace Beaulieu (6 000 m², avenue Bergougnan).

Youngsters can enjoy themselves in the city’s playgrounds.

Many fountains adorn the public spaces to remind us that Chamalières is a city of water.

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Les éléments de patrimoine

  • DéplierMontjoly Park

    This 16th-century area was bought by the municipality in 1955 to house the new town hall and to develop a leisure park for all to enjoy.

  • DéplierBargoin Park

    The former Bellevue Domain was owned until 1815 by the Mayor of Chamalières under Napoleon the First.

    Then, it was bought by Jocelyn BARGOIN, a former pharmacist who had made a fortune with his partner and friend Henri LECOQ, in starting the Gland-Doux coffee substitute factory.

    Upon his death in 1882, he bequeathed this great 7-hectare park to the General Council of the Puy-de-Dôme, for the pleasure of strollers and spa visitors, who can discover unusual species of trees such as the California Redwood and the Gingko Biloba.

  • DéplierBergson

  • DéplierChampréal Square

  • DéplierBeaulieu

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Mairie de Chamalières

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