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Mairie de Chamalières

Ville de référence et d'innovation

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Thermal heritage


Les éléments de patrimoine

  • DéplierThe ancient baths

    The remains of the ancient thermal baths near the railway viaduct (listed since 1889)

    The Aqueduct

    An underground and air aqueduct provided water to Augustonemetum, through a network of tunnels under Clermont hill.

    The aqueduct tapped the waters at Villars and places above; then, at the present-day College Teilhard de Chardin, it became external. Then it passed over the territory of Chamalières, as evidenced by the toponym of the places in the eleventh century, "the paths of Vaults" (the present-day Joseph Claussat avenue, Torrilhon street) and the local "the Arches" near Jaude.

    The Gallo-Roman thermae
    The Gallo-Roman thermae  - JPEG - 17.7 kb
    The Gallo-Roman thermae

    Quite large, they consisted of three pools fed by a network of canals made of bricks. They were covered with mosaics and marble slabs. "The Gallo-Roman thermae of Chamalières" were listed as a historical monument in 1889.

  • DéplierThe viaduct

    Viaduct - JPEG - 16.8 kb

    A railway work of art, it was begun around 1877, and is composed of 12 arches which span the thermal baths area (length: 263 m, width: 10 m, height: 17.5 m).

    Since April 2012, the improvement of the viaduct by illumination (using LED lights for low power consumption), has strengthened the night-time image of the entrance to the city of Chamalières. This marks a successful project to embellish the thermal station and its environmental heritage.

    JPEG - 206.4 kb
  • DéplierThe thermal baths

    The thermal baths - JPEG - 13.7 kb
    The thermal baths

    The thermal baths from the wing built by Ledru (listed since 1990)

  • DéplierThe Casino of Royat-Chamalières

    The emblem of the thermal baths, the casino of Royat-Chamalières, is the only one of three casinos built in the late nineteenth century which has survived.

    It was built in 1911, next to the theatre, by the architect Tronchet.

    Casino of Royat-Chamalières - JPEG - 28.4 kb
    Casino of Royat-Chamalières

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